Saturday, 2 April 2016

I love strawberries!

From when I was a little girl I have always loved strawberries. In those days, of course, you could only buy strawberries in season - June and July - which made them seem even more special. Nowadays because fruit and vegetables are flown in from all over the world strawberries are in the supermarkets every month of the year but I don't think they have the taste or the 'specialness' of the strawberries I ate as a child.

Strawberries always meant  Wimbledon, a tournament I have followed very keenly ever since I was 11 years old and began to play the game myself.  My husband and I did go to Wimbledon a few years ago which was a thrilling experience but usually I am glued to the TV set, watching every ball.

So, when I was in Spotlight a few weeks ago looking for a suitable and reasonably priced backing for my In the Pink girl quilt I just had to buy this fabric.

I even have a small piece left over so that will find its way into future quilts.
I am very pleased with this quilt and I now know who will be receiving it. The baby - now known to be a girl - is due in August - so I am well ahead in making that gift.
Because I love the quilt and always admire other blogger's photos of folded quilts, here's two more photos:

Hope everyone is having a happy day.  We are busy packing up, ready for our long journey on Wednesday back to the UK.


  1. Lovely fabric and quilt. You should be home by now.
    I got home this afternoon. Catching up with a weeks worth of Blogs...

  2. That is such a pretty quilt, even if we only see a bit of it folded up. The strawberry backing looks good enough to eat!