Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Wee Bees blocks received

At the beginning of the year I signed up for a Bee which was going to make four quilts for
The Siblings Together charity. I have sent blocks to Tanya for February and to Jo for March.  It was my turn to be Queen Bee for April.  I chose a White Star block which I had wanted to try for ages - this was my opportunity! I made two blocks  which I loved and now the group is beginning to send theirs to me.
I was really excited today to receive the first two blocks from Jo.  Here they are:

There are some lovely fabrics showcased in these blocks, including the Three Bears, foxes, shells etc.
I had also asked if Wee Bees could send me some 2.5" squares as I intend to make one of the quilt borders using squares as I hope to get more variety this way. Jo very kindly included some in her parcel. Thank you, Jo!
I know Tanya's blocks are finished so it will be interesting to see which colours I get.  The quilt will consist of 9 blocks so once all four sets are with me I will need to make an extra block to "fill in the colour gaps".
If you have a look at the Siblings Together blog and click on the " Quilt Link up " tab you will see photos of all the quilts made so far for this year's summer  camp. The quilt that Tanya organised and completed is Number 26. Really pretty log cabin.
If you can help with this worthwhile project please do!


  1. These blocks are great. You will have a quilt in no time

  2. I'm really pleased with them. A block idea I saw ages ago, now found the opportunity to try it out.