Friday, 29 April 2016

Pink, purple and orange, coming together nicely

Today I have spent a little while sewing together the Pink, purple and orange blocks to make another quilt for Siblings Together.

I decided to use these 12 blocks for the quilt:


and to leave the 13th block for making a QAYG block for the Soy Amado Project:

And here's the quilt top I created from those Swap blocks, scraps and stash:

I had already added 5 hearts to the block in the centre of the bottom row which I will hand sew on with blanket stitch this evening.
However I think the block which is on the left of the 3rd row looks very pale compered to the other blocks so I am going to add some royal purple shapes to the two wide pale lilac borders.
I am trying to decide whether they should be triangles to reflect the flowered windmill featured in the block or some purple flowers with pink centres to reflect the border fabric which butts up to this block.  Have to think about that one a bit more.

Turning hoarded UFO blocks into quilts is so satisfying!


  1. I would do triangles to keep in with all the other shapes

  2. Thanks, Jo. Triangles were my first thought and I'm going to go with that.

  3. Hi linda,boy your blocks are beautiful,well done xx