Thursday, 19 September 2013

An exciting week - 2 new babies so homes for 2 of my quilts.

Thursday has whizzed around again and it's time to link up with Clare's Brit Sewing Linky on her Maybush Studio blog.

What a great week it's been! 
Two babies were born, a little girl called Jasmine on 17th September in Germany and a little boy named George in this country the following day, the 18th - which also happened to be our 42nd Wedding Anniversary!

So now two of my finished quilts have a home.

This one was posted this afternoon to Germany for little Jasmine:

Cornerstones Quilt

I really thought Jasmine's Mum Saskia was expecting a boy so I had been furiously trying to make a boy's quilt.  However, I need not have worried as Jasmine came along and I had four finished Girls Quilts to choose from.  I couldn't decide so I asked my husband to choose and Cornerstones was the outright winner.  A hand embroidered label was added and off it went to Jasmine this afternoon.

George put in an appearance yesterday.  I've seen an emailed photo and he is gorgeous!
His quilt is Friendly Frogs and this evening I will be hand embroidering the label so that gift can be posted tomorrow.

Friendly Frogs
So now I can relax, continue more slowly with the I Spy Freckles Quilt and perhaps get back to
Mr Scarecrow.
On the Anniversary front we celebrated in style, as we had four fabulous days in London.
We packed so much into our extra long weekend, seeing lots, walking loads, catching up with friends, 2 plays, 2 exhibitions and several Art Galleries!  And of course some lovely food and wine!
Hard to pick out a favourite but as my blog is primarily about quilting and crafts I have to mention the wonderful Coronation Exhibition at Buckingham Palace. It was marvellous.
Beautifully staged so everyone had the opportunity to see the exhibits really close up.  The embroidery and beadwork on the dresses were absolutely stunning. 
I cannot  imagine how Her Majesty stood - let alone walked! - in her heavily beaded dress and the long heavy purple train.
I was a little girl of 6 at the time of the Coronation and remember huddling round our newly bought first television with its 9" screen. Seeing the Exhibition brought back a lot of memories for both my husband and me, although we didn't know each other then and lived in different parts of the country.
So, perhaps a quieter week coming up. But lots of sewing no doubt, and perhaps a little tidying of my sewing room.  Rather a lot of scraps lying about that need sorting and putting away!


  1. Aw congrats on the baby news. Two bundles of joy to celebrate and gorgeous quilts too.
    I'd love to see the Coronation exhibition.
    Thanks for linking up with the Brit Sewing party.

    1. The Coronation Exhibition ends on 29th September. Do see it if you can!

  2. What lucky babies to be receiving such lovely quilts!

  3. Thank you, ladies, for your lovely comments. Much appreciated.

  4. I love the baby quilt Linda and also love the Freckles you are planning to sew. In fact I loved them so much that I searched for the Rainbow Bubbles quilt and have now ordered the Scrap republic book. Naughty me! As if I need any more books but it looks like a good book for a modern twist on older patterns and I have some baby quilts to make in my future too. Hugs, Jan Mac

    1. You will love the book, Jan! So many great ideas for scrap quilts. I started another one yesterday( instead of tidying my sewing room and carrying on with already started projects!). It's the Beeline quilt. Another rainbow one, so far completed the red, orange and yellow bands.