Thursday, 22 August 2013

Rosie's Patchwork Bag

There hasn't been too much sewing around here recently.  Enjoying the summer, being in the garden (not gardening as I have a sore back!) and taking my gorgeous little granddaughter out for Crafty Adventures.  Had a great time.

We had a friend, her Mum and two children round for a cup of tea last Wednesday.  Rosie, who is four any day now, will be starting School in September.  As we have once a year School entry in our county Rosie starts in Reception ( first year of the primary School in the UK) in a couple of weeks' time.  Rosie's Granny knows I love making Patchwork quilts, cushions and bags so asked if she could ask me a favour.  Of course!  So I was asked if I could make a Book Bag (with handles) and Gym Bag (with a drawstring) both having Rosie's name on the front.

I finished the Book Bag yesterday and I'm very happy with the result:

 The Front:
The Back:
I have a box with plastic ziplock bags full of various sized squares which I add to whenever I have suitable sized fabric scraps to cut into squares.  Nothing is ever wasted here!
I have several bags of  2.5" squares because I have been intending to make Katy's (of Imagingermonkey fame) Scrap Vomit Quilt.  I even took part in two swaps on Swap Bot to get more 2.5" squares.  So I had a lot to choose from.  Decided on this colourway: pinks, greens and yellows.
As all the patchwork squares were already cut it didn't take long to make the patchwork pieces for the front and back of the bag.  I found a piece of pink fabric with turquoise dots which was big enough for the lining and the handles. Even a little left over: a larger scrap for my Scraps drawer and, yes, you've guessed it!  Four more 2.5" squares!  70 squares used on the bag and only 4 put back in my stash.  Oh dear, I shall have to do a bit of replenishing!
Not before I start Rosie's Gym Bag though.  I have found a great tutorial on Pink Penguin's Blog so I hope to start that project tomorrow.
When Rosie was born I made a Teddy Bear quilt for her which she still loves apparently.  Her Mummy says she still has the washing instructions I sent along with the quilt and follows them faithfully.

Rosie's Teddy Quilt
I love hearing that my gifted quilts have been loved and used and washed and washed.  Makes all the work making them so worthwhile.  In fact I would say it gave me a "Rosy glow'!
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Happy sewing!


  1. What a gorgeous bag! I love the colours. You have a real eye for putting colours together nicely. That will be one happy little girl!
    I will come to you for advice when I finally get back to my first quilt ever..

  2. Thanks, Jo. What a kind comment. Yes, I would love to help you if possible. I think the secret of quilt making is contrast. You need a bit of a colour "pop".