Monday, 28 May 2012


My birthday today! Quite a special one, ending in a 5 and extra special because I have been receiving treatment for breast cancer since last September.  Doing well, more energy each day although almost another year of Herceptin ahead of me.
Beautiful sunny day, been for a walk and now settling down in the garden in the shade with a cup of tea and a beautiful book I received from a dear Quilty friend to mark my birthday.  I haven't seen it before and it's FABULOUS!
Called The Gentle Art of Quilting by Jane Brockett

Beautifully set out.  Lots of interesting notes about fabric, quilts, quilting, backings etc. at the start of the book.
Each project was inspired by a flower or artifact and the Projects are beautifully set out.
For instance:


 The inspiration

 And the Tulip Quilt

One more to whet your appetite! 


  The inspiration

 And the Amaryllis quilt!

Just before I put the kettle on.......... here's a photo of the gorgeous bag another Quilty friend made me, showcasing various Kiwiana fabrics as Candy knows how much we love New Zealand!

Off to sit and read and get inspired to make even more quilts!
Have a Happy Day!

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