Sunday, 20 May 2012

Malvern Quilt Show 2012

I had a wonderful outing yesterday to the Malvern Quilt Show at the Three Counties Showground.  A coach trip with the Shires Quilt Group from Coventry.
One of my favourite local quilters, Anja Townrow from Walsall had a great quilt in the Show which also featured on the front of the Showguide.

Anja is originally from The Netherlands although she has lived in the UK since her late teens.  She is a great quilter and a great character. On two occasions I have had the pleasure of hearing her talk and show so many of her wonderful colourful quilts. She is a talented quilter and a fantastically humorous speaker.
This beauty is aptly named Flower Festival.
Malvern is a lovely Show to attend as it is quite small and you can easily see all the quilts and visit all the traders in one day without charging around like a mad thing. Plenty of time to chat with friends and relax over a cup of coffee.
Lots of lovely quilts, so here are a few which caught my eye.

A Bed quilt called Memories by Rebecca Collins, St Asalp, Denbighshire

A Cot quilt called Childhood Memories by Jean Hunt, Gloucestershire

Two close ups

A Group Quilt which I loved was this one, cleverly constructed from patchwork, knitted roofs and tapestry sections, all stitched together to form this great quilt.

Colmar, France

Dragonflies by Jan Hassard, Bristol

And a close up of some of the dragonflies

And finally, in the Jackleberries section (quilts made at a Thimbleberries class held at White Cottage Country Crafts)

Free Spirit by Marian Wyn

At the end of the day a coach full of  tired but very contented quilters happily returned home, many carrying bags full of goodies!

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