Monday, 23 April 2012

Wow, I won Katy's Giveaway!

Last week I entered a Giveaway with a difference on Katy's blog,
The fabric was Savanna bop and if you won you were to use the fabrics to make a quilt for the Siblings Together Project.  You can read all about this on Katy's blog.
This evening I received an email to say I had won the Giveaway so now my head is spinning with ideas for a possible quilt.  I hope that when the fabrics arrive all will become clear as to what sort of quilt I should make.
It's a great cause and I hope I can do it ( and the wonderful fabrics) justice!

Do have a look at Katy's blog and see if you could make a quilt for Siblings Together or look at the Flickr group

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