Saturday, 30 July 2022

RSC July 2022 Round up & Gifting a quilt

 Not much sewing has happened here during July.

Here’s a Round up of RSC projects this month:

                                7 blue String blocks and one purple( hardly had any purple scraps)

A few HSTs made from Bonus triangles created whilst making Sawtooth Stars blocks, trimmed to 1.75”

                                            Sawtooth Stars blocks, one with some purple fabric. 

I continued to make the Elephants and Zebras Medallion style quilt, it’s basted and I’ve done some machine quilting. It will now be a hand project to take to Patchwork meetings when I will hand quilt with Perle threads.

I now have a home for a Baby quilt I made in September 2006! I named it Little Boy Fishing and I loved this quilt - there’s a lot of work in it, all hand quilted with Perle threads and all the appliqué is blanket stitched by hand. I didn’t have a home for is at the time but when our daughter was pregnant in 2009/10 I decided to gift it if we had a Grandson. At that time  I made a similar one in pinks and lilacs with Sunbonnet Sues in case we had a Granddaughter. Our Granddaughter was born on 2nd February 2010 so Little Boy Fishing was put away.

Several times over the years I have considered gifting but then didn’t. Finally this week we received great news from New Zealand. Good friends of ours have a Grandson, Hugo Christopher William, born on 26th July in Wellington, NZ. 
This is the perfect home for Little Boy Fishing! 
It measures 47” square and the label is made, just need to sew that on tomorrow and parcel it up ready to mail on Monday. 

It’s a grey cloudy day here so this isn’t a true colour, much brighter in real life. 

A couple of close ups.

            And the backing, appropriate anchor designs. I still have a bit of this fabric left in my stash.


  1. So fun to see that one purple string block. We all work with what we have. Orange used to be that way for me. We all have our favorites.

  2. Little Boy Fishing is so adorable--they will just love that baby quilt i am sure!! I do love your string blocks--but then i am partial to scrappy blocks;)))) nice works you have on the go, hugs, Julierose

  3. adorable baby quilt - like the projects

  4. I think every little bit of sewing counts - whatever you can get done. The medallion quilt is beautiful, and I love Little Boy Fishing, too! It was worth saving that quilt until you had the perfect recipient.

  5. Purple is a lovely colour but not very common in my stash either. The Little Boy Fishing is a perfect gift for a good friend's baby boy.

  6. What a fabulous Baby Boy quilt! And a great place to gift it!
    I'll be interested to see the hand quilting on the medallion quilt. I have a small project that could use some hand quilting!

  7. What a lovely baby quilt!!!
    Love also your blue and purple blocks. It is great to have a quilt prepared for hand quilting.
    Have a great weekend.

  8. Oh, those are both the cutest baby quilts. Little treasures! And I never grow tired of string blocks. Those are really cool ones ;-)

  9. Glad you found a little purple to play with. Your little boy quilt is adorable and has found the perfect home. I read back and hope your recovery is going well. Never fun when we are not at our best.

  10. Little Boy Fishing is gorgeous, a lot of happy work making it, I'm sure. I live in New Zealand, and worked in Wellinton, the Capitol, for many years. These days, we moved a little further up the country.

  11. Love all the blues for your July blocks, and lucky little Wellington baby who will be cuddling up in his new quilt.