Monday, 20 February 2017

UFO, finished Down Under!

Still in full swing using up scraps here Down Under in NZ.

This time, a pair of almost finished placemats. Why didn't I finish them? No idea, but they have been languishing in my NZ stash for years!

Now finished and ready to be gifted. One of my Patchwork Group friends, Jennie, is having a stall at the next Quilt Show in May. She raises money to help a school in the Gambia.  I thought perhaps someone might fancy these appliqued placemats - every dollar helps.


  1. They are cute and yes every little bit does help

  2. I am sure the placemats will be snapped up. Have been without lap top for over a week but it is back from repairers now so will be in touch again

  3. Lovely placemats and nice they are going to a good cause.

  4. Aren't those cute! I love teapots.