Friday, 10 February 2017

Such kindness!

I have followed Jo's blog butter z for a while. Jo lives in Victoria, Australia and for most of the year I live in the very centre of England.  For three months each year I live in New Zealand, so I am geographically a little closer to Jo.  We have never met - except in cyber space - but exchange quite a few emails and comment on each other's blog posts.  As a result I feel I "know" Jo and consider her to be one of my quilting friends. Jo has also sent me some lovely hand stitched Christmas tree decorations which hang in pride of place on our Christmas tree.

Jo read one of my recent posts saying I was running out of 2.5" scrap squares for my Twinkler blocks and, guess what I received in the post?  A packet of squares!

Mixed with some of the leftover squares I had, I have managed to sort out colour sets for 16 more Twinkler blocks!

So, Jo, THANK YOU!  You really are such a kind lady, your kind thought is very much appreciated.
Postage these days is prohibitively expensive so I appreciate you gift even more.

There are lots left over, including lots of neutral squares and I have two ideas for using those. That will be when I'm back in the UK where I have lots more squares waiting to join their Aussie cousins.  The rest of Jo's coloured squares will be mixed with my English stash for lots more Twinklers.

In the meantime those 16 Twinklers wait for me to sew them up.
My husband always comments that Quilting ladies are all lovely people - and he has met a few over the past 20 years I have been quilting.  And do you know what?............
He's absolutely right!


  1. That is very nice of you Linda. I'm just happy they have arrived and you can use them. Some have been sitting around here for quite a while. I used them in a bow ties quilt but I am now on to larger squares. It is good to share... thank you.

  2. so your twinkler quilt will be growing soon, presume you are in New Zealand at the moment, a bit warmer than here in the UK it has just started to snow here, should not have had a peep through the curtains! it is only 5.40 but been up since before 5. Such a good friend Jo is to you glad I found you both in blogland

  3. A lovely friend indeed! It'll be fun combining someone else's fabrics into your WiP too!