Saturday, 23 July 2016

Seeing stars

I have been making some more Wonky Wishes Star blocks (Bonnie Hunter style) and today I sorted them into piles according to the neutral fabric I used for the centre of the star.

I now know how many more blocks I need to make in order to have enough for another Girl's baby quilt.

Here are the piles of blocks:

Some piles have 3 blocks, some 2 and there is the occasional single star block.
Here are two lots of 3, showing the different arrangements of colours using the same centre star fabric:

 10 more blocks needed.  I love making these blocks - very satisfying use of scraps.


  1. It does use up a lot of scraps. Good on you

  2. I love how colourful and scrappy your blocks are.

  3. I love your blocks! Lots of colour & I like how your stars seem to shine! A great way to use up those scrappy bits & pieces.