Sunday, 3 July 2016

Baby Harry's quilt

I was commissioned by my friend Jo to make a baby quilt for her friend's baby. They knew the baby would be a boy and Jo wanted a quilt in a similar style to one I had made for her baby James.

This was James's quilt which I called "Hello World":

Jo asked if I could include some elephant fabric. I didn't have any of the yellow or grey little elephants fabric left but I did have another one with elephants on a turquoise background so included it. I liked the addition of the pop of turquoise, it seemed to make the greens and yellows of the quilt stand out more.
I made the quilt a few weeks ago, leaving the name strip blank and hand quilted as far as the top area.  Baby Harry was born on 21st June.  His Mummy and Daddy took a few days to decide on his name but I have now completed the quilt adding his name and a star either side.
Harry's Quilt which I have entitled "Animal Parade".
I hope to see Jo on Wednesday so I can hand over the quilt.  Hope she likes it!
A close up of the name panel:


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  1. Linda you have done a great job. Little Harry will look lovely snuggling up with it....