Saturday, 14 November 2015

Working on making gifts

My Patchwork Group is busy working on another surprise quilt for another of our members.

The Spiderweb Quilt is well on the way.  Sandwiched and the binding machined on by one of our members, it was ready for me to start the hand quilting at our meeting on Thursday morning. During our time together I managed to quilt a double row of stitches around the cream star centres on the quilt, using a bright pink variegated Perle thread from my stash. The quilt has now passed on to someone else to continue the hand quilting.

So, the second quilt:  A few weeks ago we chose a design called "Sherbet Lemon Quilt" from a Jelly Roll book belonging to one of our group.  I was looking through the book when I spied this quilt and thought we could adapt it and use it for our next Gift Quilt. I had to adapt it quite a bit so I could make up Kit Sets for 7 members to make 2 sets of Block A and 2 sets of Block B each.  Those were then given back to me so I could put the blocks together to make this quilt top:

Another friend now has the top, batting and backing that I bought so she can sandwich the quilt ready for everyone else to pass around the group so the hand quilting will be completed.
Everyone is very pleased with the result - they are pleased with how the design has turned out and we all agree the colours are exactly right for the lady who will receive this gift.
Yesterday I did a bit of my own sewing!  I needed some lavender bags for our wardrobes and decided to make a few more:  three for my sister and three for my daughter who loves having lavender bags everywhere!
These are functional, rather than works of art, so I quickly added ribbons and buttons so they could hang from coathangers in the cupboard:

Eight for me (already in use) and six for gifting.


  1. Good work on the quilting. The lavender bags are great. I was just given a cinnamon and clove sachet. I've hung it in my linen press. Just lovely....

  2. Thanks, Jo. My wardrobes smell lovely, the lavender smell is quite strong.

  3. Your group sewing sounds fun. Your lavendar bags are a lovely idea, I like that yours have ribbons for hanging on coat hangers.

  4. Yes, the group is great on all levels: friendship, support, and of course, seeing skills and helpful ideas.