Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Renamed, wrapped up and delivered

Well, baby Ella Rose was born on 21st October so the Wonky Star Quilt was hers.

I decided to rename it "Galaxy of Stars" as although I know what "Wonky stars" means, I thought it might sound as though I hadn't tried very hard and had been a bit slapdash in sewing the blocks!

I embroidered a label and tied it up with a pretty deep pink ribbon and popped it into a lovely pink and white paper gift carrier bag.  Yesterday DH and I went down to see our step granddaughter and the new baby.  What a sweetie she is! Asleep most of the time we were there but I did manage a cuddle and we did take a few photographs.  Mum and Dad were very pleased with the quilt so I hope it get lots of use.

Here's the quilt:

Today I have been busy sewing more strings on my Spiderweb triangles.


  1. A quilt hug for a darling new family member - perfect

  2. Thanks, Cat. Mummy and Daddy were delighted with the quilt so I'm happy.

  3. You've made such a lovely gift to welcome baby Ella Rose. I'm sure there'll be many occasions you'll see her wrapped up warm and cosy in her quilt.

  4. What a perfect quilt for a baby girl. I am sure she will love it.