Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Robots in Space flying to Germany!

This year is a busy year for new babies. My friend became a Grandma again on 28th August. I knew the baby was going to be a boy so I made this quilt:

I embroidered the label and passed it over to my friend yesterday as she is flying to Germany on Thursday to see her new Grandson Rafael.
In the meantime I have continued with some 6" String blocks.  Again I am piecing the strips onto telephone book sheets ( idea from Bonnie Hunter).  Sewing up a storm until I came to trim the last few blocks when I discovered I had used the 'left over" paper, not quite the 6" square after I had cut out the original ones.  Fortunately it was only 4 blocks and I was able to rectify the situation!  I do enjoy making these blocks.  The more contrast the better, I find.  I cut lots more strips for this set of blocks so there is more variety and new fabrics to enjoy piecing.
A little break now as I hand quilt another baby quilt for a little boy due very soon in New Zealand.


  1. Great quilt and love the scrappy strips. I am doing Bonnies scrappy stripy spider webs

  2. I love making string blocks! It combines my love of colour with not wasting any scrap of fabric.

  3. It has been a busy baby year for year, it's lucky you're so good at making quilts. Raphael will be warm and cosy in his fun robot quilt.

  4. Weird. Every year I don't think there will be many babies and then they start to appear! Looking forward to seeing Rafael's Grandma when she gets back from Germany so I can hear whether the quilt was a success or not! 4 so far this year and 2 more to be born.