Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Another (small) finish

I have sewn my Spider web Block for our Group's quilt so that's another item ticked off my "To Do" list. Everyone shared strings last week, all in the colours we have chosen for this particular quilt. Originally we thought I needed to make two blocks but one will be enough.

It measure 13" square and has a lovely cream soft muslin centre to the string triangle corners.  I think the finished quilt will look very pretty.

Last Saturday we had another bright sunny Autumn day so DH and I decided to make the most of the weather and drove to Upton House, a beautiful National Trust property which is situated about 25 miles from our house. The gardens are just lovely and we enjoyed walking around them and also visiting the Exhibition they have on at present in the house.  It's theme is set at the beginning of WW2 when the merchant banker owners of the house brought their bank and staff up from London ( which was being bombarded on a daily basis) and housed them more safely at Upton House.  Part of the Exhibition features a Make Do and Mend room - displaying re-made garments, a wedding dress made from parachute silk etc. Visitors were urged to take a little Kit set to knit a Christmas Tree ornament. Mine was a bell. The ornaments will be mailed back to Upton House and used on the Christmas Tree as part of the House's Christmas decorations.  Of course I couldn't resist taking one so that is another (small) addition to my List.  One ticked off, another added!  Sounds about par for the course!

Doesn't look very exciting in the bag but there were examples that had been knitted and they looked quite jolly.


  1. Good on you for working your way through the list. The house you visited sounds amazing, and what a fun thing to make a decoration and send it back for their tree. Don't forget to show us what it looks like when you've made it.

  2. Thanks, Rachael. I will take a photo of the bell decoration and put it on my blog.

  3. I do like the look of that quilt block
    I think I made some similar a long long time ago

  4. Made another 2 blocks today as we decided we needed more for the quilt. Quite quick to make as I already had the strings in my stash.