Friday, 24 April 2015

WIP finished! Hoorah!

I had given myself a deadline to finish the WIP Baby Quilt by yesterday. Last night we had neighbours over for dinner, then as soon as they left I hand sewed the binding.  This afternoon I started to hand embroider the label, sitting on the deck in the sunshine.  Super!

After a little while there were two earthquake tremors! Really strong, the strongest we have experienced to date in 11 years of having our house. A shaking from side to side which I thought was my husband moving the dining table ( although I couldn't imagine why!) and then real big staggers through the floor of , hard on its heels, another exactly the same pattern. Apparently a 6.2 tremor about 60 miles from here, but 52 km underground.  No one hurt nearer the epicentre, just a few supermarket shelves shaken and items thrown to the floor.  But it was felt pretty much through both islands.

So, drama over, back to the embroidery!  Label finished, sewn onto the back of Max's quilt and off I set down the slope to our neighbours to deliver the quilt for their Grandson.  How about this for serendipity, they were on a Skype call to their son and I was able to see baby Max sitting in his little chair, smiling away when he heard my voice!  Wonderful.

Tomorrow is Anzac Day so we are off to the Dawn Service, starting at 6.30am. We need to leave at least by 6am so it's off to bed for me.

Let  me leave you with photos of my quilt - our neighbours were thrilled!

And here's the backing, which I love!  Great colour match!

A great backing fabric that I would have missed if a lovely Spotlight assistant hadn't shown it to me! Perfect colour and perfect for the parents who own four dogs.

Such a good colour match for the front of the quilt.

So, off to bed early so we can be wide awake for the Dawn Service,


  1. That's a wonderful gift. Good to see you stitching.
    Enjoy tomorrow.

  2. Congratulations on finishing your quilt in time!! It looks great and yes that backing couldn't be more perfect. I'm sure the Dawn Service was very moving.

  3. Thanks, Jo and Rachael. I was so pleased to have finished the quilt in time. All my sewing things are now packed away until we come back to NZ next year. Then as soon as.I get home to the UK I will be unpacking my sewing room there!