Sunday, 19 April 2015

Highs and lows

At the end of last year we learned that a lovely NZ friend was seriously ill and we really did not expect to see her again.  However, much to our joy she was still with us when we arrived in February and we made a visit to see her our priority - first thing we did this time back in NZ.

She looked so much better than we feared and everyone felt there was hope.  So, I came straight home and made this quilt which I imagined she would wrap around her in the winter months ahead.

I called it Heartstrings.
I literally had about 18" of binding to stitch down and to make a label when we heard the sad news that our dear friend had gone downhill and was fading fast.  I finished the quilt and made a different label to the one I had planned.
On Friday we went to her amazing funeral: a large church filled to overflowing with her dear family and friends. I gifted my quilt to her husband and their two children in the hope that the many strings, colours and patterns will remind them of the dear lady who has gone.  She was a rainbow of delight, a personality of many facets.
From that low point I came home to read a blog from Jo in Australia.  I feel we are "blog friends" as part of her journey through life echoes mine.  She recently very kindly sent me a crochet pattern and a sample of how it looked. As thanks I sent her a little gift too and I was so pleased to see the post where she mentions this gift. I was very touched. Thank you, Jo.
Take a look at Jo's blog, always something new to see as she is a prolific crafter:
So, highs and lows with the common thread of friendship and sewing.


  1. Oh Linda. I am so sorry. Just remember that you did get to spend time with her and all the memories you have of your time together. Your special gift of the quilt to her husband and children will be loved for evermore. It will be treasured I am sure.
    Take care of yourself...xxxxxx Jo

  2. Thank you, Jo. She leaves a big hole in so many lives.

  3. That is such sad news. It's good you had the chance to see her and you weren't on the other side of the world. Your beautiful quilt will be a wonderful comfort to her family in times to come, and a wonderful reminder of one that was a rainbow of delights. Thanks for introducing us to Jo's blog,

  4. From another Jo - that is a beautiful quilt, and such a labour of love. What a beautiful way to remember a friend xx

    1. Thank you, Jo. Your kind words are much appreciated.