Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Granny Stripe crochet baby blanket

I haven't done any crochet for almost five years but I avidly follow Attic24's blog. I love Lucy's vibrant use of colour in everything she makes - it makes my mouth water.

One of my Patchwork friends Sarah is also an Attic24 follower and she took the plunge a while ago to make some stripey blankets, firstly based on Lucy's pattern and then on another idea she saw on the Little Woollie blog.  Sarah and I both love Lucy's Ripple Blanket and have desperately tried to follow the pattern, Sarah more successfully than me.  I was so disappointed - I really dislike things beating me!  Then Sarah suggested I tried the Granny Stripe pattern from Lucy's blog as she thought I would be able to manage that one.

So I have.  And I'm thrilled.  I decided to try a sensible size to start with and not throw myself in at the deep end with a full sized blanket.  I have had great pleasure in making a baby sized blanket.  With the edging it measures 22" x 27" which will be a nice size for a new baby.  One of our cousin's daughters is expecting a baby on New Year's Day so if Helen has a girl, this woolly blanket will be gifted as well as a quilt.

Ta dah!!!!!!!
I  am so pleased with this blanket I have started another one in "boy colours" in case Helen has a little boy.  I have been confined to the house for the past few days because I have a horrid cold so in between spells of  resting in bed I have hooked away, enjoying watching the stripes grow.
Stay tuned for another finish.......................  eventually.  There is Christmas coming up after all.
In the meantime I am off to sew handles onto the two patchwork bags I have made.  These have to be handed over tomorrow as I am meeting up with my sister for a present swap.  The bags are for two of her grandchildren.


  1. Your blanket looks wonderful, I can see why you've started another one. I get tempted to try to crochet sometimes but then I think I probably don't need to start being tempted by all those beautiful yarns. I'll happily watch your creations!!

    1. Yes, there are beautiful yarns out there but I used cheap "Poundland" style yarns. Just picked up odd balls of bright colours at various times.

  2. You have done a great job. Pretty throw blanket.
    What do you think of this cat one

    1. Thanks. I looked at your cat blanket. It's great, looks complicated!