Thursday, 25 July 2013

Thursday Projects

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Thursday is a good day for me because this is my local group's Patchwork meeting day. 

We are called The Crackley Quilters and meet in each other's houses on a Thursday morning for coffee, delicious cakes and biscuits (often home baked), chat and, of course, sewing!
We put the world to rights, enjoy each other's friendship and exchange of ideas on the Patchwork front.  A few members also crotchet and knit and occasionally these appear as well as patchwork.

We make group quilts for members celebrating significant birthdays and there has been a rash of those in the past few months: 2 x 80th birthdays and a 70th.  We also like to show that we care when members are experiencing ill health and recently made two group quilts. One for Joy who had had a dreadful fall and broke her elbow and another for Candy who was experiencing poor health.
It's lovely to make these quilts in secret and so far no one has guessed there was a quilt in the pipeline for them!  I think we would all be excellent Double Agents!

Here's the 70th Birthday quilt we gifted:

So in a little while I shall be off to my Crackley Quilters' meeting carrying my Patchwork bag which was made by Candy for my birthday.

And inside is the quilt I am currently hand quilting which is what I shall be doing this morning (as well as drinking coffee and eating delicious treats!)

It's another of my UFOs, now a WIP!
Then this afternoon, as the weather is grey and looks like more heavy rain, I shall be upstairs in my Sewing Room, putting together these log cabin blocks:

So, a Happy Patchwork Day to you!

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  1. I love your quilted bag, very pretty and I am jealous of your quilting group that sounds so much fun.

  2. Thanks for your comment. Yes! My bag is lovely. The centres of each block are New Zealand fabrics. And the Group is full of delightful friends.

  3. Your birthday patchwork bag is lovely. I always admire anything made with cathedral windows, never had the courage to try them myself yet!