Saturday, 4 May 2013

Looking at Quilts in my Stash

I don't have a large Stash of Finished Quilts because normally as soon as I finish a quilt it is gifted.

However because of my plan over the last couple of years to finish WIP projects and use up scraps and stash fabrics, I do have a few hidden away. 
So I decided to sort them out and photograph them! A really interesting exercise as two of the quilts go back a long way!

So, a little Photo Gallery:

Starting with the oldest:  Christmas Quilt from 2002:

This is quite a large quilt, measuring 68" x 66" and was made as a Group Swap project in 2002.
Everyone made some blocks and we swapped with other members in the Group.  So long ago that I cannot remember how many blocks we each made. Then everyone sashed the quilt in a similar way but added other finishing touches of their own creation.
I choose to hand applique Holly leaves and I remember picking holly leaves from the garden to draw round for a template, so they are authentic Holly leaf shapes!  I added red wooden beads to look like holly berries.

Here's a close up of the detail:
Funky Farmhouse Quilt May 2004:

I entered this the the local Kenilworth Show's Handicraft Section and won 1st Prize.
I had not looked at this quilt for years and had forgotten how much I loved the quirky animals and the Farmer's wife appliqued figures.  Unfortunately I can't remember where I got the idea from and of course, no longer have the templates, although I could re-create them from my quilt.
It's a nice Cot size, measuring 34" x 48".

Then I discovered a Wallhanging (22" x 16").  No label, unfortunately, which is most unusual for me as I always label everything I make.  So I am not sure when it was made, several years ago certainly.
However I do know I made it at a Workshop held at The Bramble Patch in Weedon, Northamptonshire.  The teacher was Katherine Guerrier.  The Wallhanging includes Prairie points, the first time I ever made these.  I have not made Prairie points since although I have always wanted to edge a quilt with them.  One day!

My Wallhanging:

Unfortunately this photo has turned itself round and I don't know how to rotate it.  The black border should be down the lefthand side!
I also sorted out my finished baby quilts and put them together ready to choose one for the next baby due later this month.  Here they are, all together:
Baby quilts in my Stash:

I love the splash of colour they make, all snuggled together.

Whilst I was sorting out my quilts I also pulled out a pile of Bento blocks that were part of a Quilting Bee which I took part in a couple or so years ago. As it's pouring with rain (well, it is Bank Holiday Saturday!) I cannot go the gardening I intended so I am going to arrange my Bento blocks into a quilt top.
I have loved my trip down Memory Lane this morning, it has brought back some happy memories.

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