Friday, 24 May 2013

Definitely WAS a UFO, now a WIP

Continuing with my New Year Resolution to finish UFOs, I have been tackling one which has languished as a pile of blocks gained in a Bee a couple of years ago.

When I participated in the Bee I was really excited.  Enjoyed making the blocks, loved sending them off to the USA and really loved looking at the parcel of blocks sent back to me.

Why I didn't just sew them together then I don't know!  Instead they were put away in a padded envelope in THE CUPBOARD!

So, a couple of weeks ago I decided that this pile of blocks was the next UFO on the list and that it was time to tackle them.  In an afternoon I turned them into blocks of 4 and decided on the arrangement of blocks to create a quilt top 4 blocks square. 
Then we went on holiday and the now WIP went back into THE CUPBOARD.

But I promised myself it would now be finished so yesterday I sewed all the blocks together into a top and in the next few days I will sandwich it and finish it!!!

So three Sneaky peak photos:


I have chosen this quilt's name:  A Riot of Colour!

I wonder if you can work out what pattern this is?  Photo 3 is a good clue and if you look back on my Flickr photostream ( koshka2 ) and look at my Bee swaps I think you will find the answer.

I have to say finishing UFOs is great.  Lovely feeling of accomplishment.

However I did find it gave me the dilemma of when is a UFO a UFO or when is it a WIP?
I had a Set on Flickr I had called 2013 Completed WIPs but then decided they should be more accurately described as 2013 Completed UFOs so I changed the title of the set.  Two quilts in there at present, soon to be joined by a 3rd.  HURRAH!

Do let me know if you have worked out which set of UFO blocks this was.



  1. Bento blocks??? I love the result of the blocks :-)

  2. Yes, they are Bento blocks! They appeared quite regularly on Flickr a couple of years ago and I jumped at the chance to participate in a Swap. I am so happy that I finally put them together into a Quilt top.