Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hurrah! I have got some photos

This is a photo of my latest I Spy Bubbles Quilt which I tried to show a photo of yesterday. My clever husband discovered Blogger had a problem with their system and has managed to circumvent it, so, here are some pictures! The quilt is 30" square, a nice size for a new baby.

This photo shows the backing, which is a recycled vintage sheet from the 1980s.  I have already used some of this sheet to back another child's quilt which is in the process of being hand quilted. And there is still some left over.  Very thrifty!

I took this close up of some of the I Spy Bubbles before I hand sewed the binding down.

Then I had an idea of how to use up some of the many Crumb Blocks I had been making and storing in my biscuit tin.  I combined 72 of these 4" Crumb Blocks with 72 x 4" Kona solids blocks, in ash, yellow and orange. 
Then I laid them out in a Zigzag pattern.  Here they are:

I am really pleased with how well the zigzags show up.  Now I have to sew them together, perhaps tomorrow?  This will make a baby quilt to add to my stash. Several babies due this year so I should have a few to choose from.

I still have a lot of finished crumb blocks and some leftover 4" Kona cotton blocks which I hope to arrange into another baby quilt-top.  Watch this space!

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