Saturday, 12 January 2013

A New Year of sewing

Well, I have started 2013 with a burst of sewing.

I have made another I Spy Bubbles quilt, this time with a yellow Kona solid background and today I sewed on a bright green binding. That's all ready for me to hand stitch down when I watch a
bit of television tomorrow evening. The baby it's intended for is due any time now so it's good to know the quilt is ready for it's label when the little chap arrives.

Then I've been making  my 4" Crumb blocks like mad for the past weeks, just sewing a few strips together here and there as " Thread catchers". I had a whole biscuit tin full of blocks, far too many to make into more Preemie quilts so I hit on the idea of making a Zigzag Quilt, combining the Crumb blocks with some solid Kona zigzags. A lot of cutting, sewing, slicing and trimming to size but it's all done and laid out on my Sewing Room floor ready for final tweaks to the positions of colours etc. I think it's looking good.

The cutting of Kona blocks for the Zigzag Quilt has left me with s few spare 4" blocks and there are still loads of Crumb blocks in my tin so I'm thinking of combining them to make a simple Cot Quilt. There are a few babies due in the next few months so I can add them to my stash of quilts.

I have joined the Scrap Vomit squares swap again on Swap bot. This time you send 49 x 2.5" squares to five partners so I have started to cut out a few squares as well as 16" x 2.5" strips as I would love to make the ScrappyTrip Along quilt that has got me very excited on Flickr. I must be quite mad, thinking of making so many quilts!

And of course I still have lots of WIPs and several sets of blocks from Swaps that need making into quilts.  But all these new ideas lure me away from the projects I should be finishing first.

Will post a few photos in the next day or so.


  1. I haven't done a scrap vomit, but am working on a scrappy trip quilt. Enjoy your quilting ; )

  2. Thank you, Carla. Goodness knows when I will find the time for all these projects! Just cutting strips for the Scrappy Trip Along and perhaps I'll make a few blocks as I go along.