Saturday, 12 October 2019

Oops! I changed the title

In September 2017 I made a pink and girly baby quilt from Happy Blocks as my best friend’s daughter was expecting her first  baby. Baby’s parents chose not to know before the birth whether baby was a boy or girl so this quilt was made in case they had a daughter.  However, they had a son and I gifted the “Boy” quilt I had made to cover that eventuality.

Fast forward to now and they had a second baby on Thursday night. This time they chose to know that their expected baby was a girl so of course I knew which quilt I was gifting. I always name my quilts as I finish them but had forgotten what I had chosen for this one so I Called it Happy Squares and embroidered the label accordingly for Grace Rebecca Rose.  Isn’t that a beautiful name?
This morning as I was wrapping the quilt I checked back through my blog to discover what name I had chosen two years ago. It was Happy In Pink which I prefer to Happy Squares.
However the label was made  and sewn onto the quilt so Happy Squares it is.

So, here’s Happy Squares aka Happy In Pink:
It measures 37” squares, the backing was a pretty fabric I had had in my stash for several years but was perfect for this quilt.
The last photo shows the hand knitted cardigan I’m gifting with the quilt.


  1. A lovely quilt Linda and it will make Happy Parents and Happy Baby. It will be treasured by any name.

  2. Hi Linda, another beautiful quilt to gift. Good seeing your post. Hope all is going good.

  3. Wow! What a nice gift. Two ways to stay nice and cozy warm and in the pink. And, yes, that is a beautiful baby name.