Saturday, 28 July 2018

An afternoon spent sewing

I haven't done any sewing for a long time. Here in the UK, most unusually for us, we have had a prolonged heatwave, drought and high humidity. Most uncomfortable and draining. I normally like sunny weather but the last few weeks have made me very lethargic and I've had no desire to sit cooped up in my sewing room.

The forecasters have been promising rain for the past few days and at 3pm this afternoon it arrived. Nice and steady, no thunderstorms, just what the gardens and reservoirs needed. Now 6pm and it's stopped!

However I took the opportunity to sew, nothing too tasking and have made a needle case for my Patchwork friend Val whose birthday is coming up soon. I'll add packets of pins and needles and some handcream too.

The pattern is one I've made lots of times before but I enjoyed my afternoon immensely.

This summer has been compared with 1976, the last major heatwave we had - one I remember very well as I was pregnant with our second child and we moved house on 20th August that year. I can still vividly remember packing boxes, cleaning cupboards, watching our 2 year old son and dripping with sweat! 


  1. A lovely little pattern too. I use mine all the time. It's not good when it is too hot. My friend is heading off next week for Birmingham. She is so excited...

  2. Cute! I never would have thought to include hand cream. Great idea.

    Heat wave and drought here too until last week. Then it rained and turned almost cold by comparison. I know what you mean about feeling sluggish. Where I live it gets humid.

    And I was pregnant with second child in 1976 too. We lived in Florida then. Talk about hot!!! I worked in a restaurant in the kitchen with no air conditioning at that time. I think that's what made me go back and finish college!!