Saturday, 18 November 2017

RSC 2017 Handquilting Twinkler Stars

Linking up with Angela's So Scrappy RSC 2017 to show the progress of my Twinkler Stars Quilt.


I am hand quilting a double row of fairly small Perle stitches around each star shape.
Pleased with the effect. I had already machine quilted either side of all the block joins so the quilt top is well anchored.  No rush to finish this quilt so I am enjoying stitching whilst watching television or at my Quilt Group meetings.

I have now been gifted 2 lots of wedge shaped scraps. The wedges come in pairs, a solid and a tone on tone pattern for each colour.  My friend Candy made yards and yards of pennant shaped bunting to decorate the reception area for her granddaughter's wedding last year.  She and her daughter are now turning the bunting into a quilt for Olivia.  So I have been given the scraps which are around 6" long, the wedge is approx. 3" (they differ slightly!) at the widest point of the wedge.  I don't want to leave them like this in a bag because I know they will just stay there forever.  I had wondered if I could arrange them into Dresden-style circles, but haven't tried playing yet. I would normally cut scraps into usable sized squares (1.5", 2", 2.5" ) but I would waste more than I would be using.
Any ideas on how best to use them? Suggestions would be very welcome!


  1. Pretty colors!! Alas, no suggestions for use.

  2. Just sew the pairs together then the resulting rectangles together somehow and use as center of a quilt or border or whatever. Or make a baby bunting ;)

    Oh, the Twinklers are coming along nicely. I like you quilting idea!

    1. I had wondered about joining the pairs into rectangles. Perhaps I'll try a few out tomorrow. I could perhaps turn them into rectangular 4 patches?

  3. It's great that you can enjoy your Twinkler quilt before it's technically finished! I've got no suggestions for the bunting remnants though.

  4. Your twinkles came out great. I've sent some photos of some ideas

  5. The Stitching to set off the Stars is a nice idea. For the wedges, those,rectangles you laid out look like the best way, but I don't know how the seam would match up. Give one a try. The are very colorful however you will use them. Good luck!