Sunday, 24 September 2017

Happy in Pink

I have finished my latest Baby quilt, Happy in Pink. I am really pleased with it. I have been working on this quilt for the past couple of months in between using up lots of scraps to make RSC blocks of various kinds.

Each Happy block is different, but very pink and girly! Lots of fun looking through my scraps for the 5" centres and the various strips to frame them. I found a lovely piece of fabric in my stash which was exactly right for the backing.  Bought several years ago (the selvedge dates it at 2011) that I have auditioned SO many times for a quilt backing and it has never seemed "just right".  It was this time.  There is such a variety of pinks in the quilt, yet more shades of pink adds to the mix and makes a lovely backing.  Binding, again from stash, is a bright pink with tiny white dot which seems to bring all those pinks together.

My friend's daughter is now 25 weeks pregnant so if the baby if a girl, this is the quilt for her.
The quilt measures 37" square and is a mixture of machine and hand quilting.

Two close ups of some of the blocks:

And finally, the lovely backing!



  1. That is a perfect backing fabric. So pink, but still not overwhelming.

  2. A very cute & happy pink quilt! I love the 'pops' of yellow in there too!

  3. Lovely pink baby quilt. So cheerful. Now what if the baby is a boy? Are we going to see a blue quilt on the horizon?

  4. A very sweet happy quilt! Crossing my fingers that your friend has a girl, because that quilt needs to be wrapping up a baby!