Sunday, 5 March 2017

A better photo

A better photo, I hope, of the quilt I posted yesterday:

The first photos I took yesterday showed the colours in the quilt quite well but for some reason the computer rotated them through 180 degrees! It was possible to rotate them back correctly to add to my Flickr site koshka2
but that didn't work for my blog post.
So I took new photos which I used in my blog yesterday.  It had started to get dark by then so the colours weren't as sharp and bright.
I am hoping today's picture is better!


  1. Lovely I think scrap quilts are my favourite ones always so much to see and no 2 blocks the same

  2. I do so enjoy scrap quilts and the variety in which they are made

  3. Wonderful! I really love the border fabric in this too!