Friday, 1 January 2016

Happy New Year!

Our five year old granddaughter was here today and disappeared into "her" room for a few minutes. This was her Mummy's (our daughter's) room but DGG has it as her room now, full of our children's toys and books and where she sleeps when she stays over with us.
After they left I found this message she has left for us, spelt out from a box of plastic letters.
So I am passing her message on to you.
I hope 2016 will be a good year, full of good health and happiness and lots of sewing too!
I have been looking back at a post I wrote in January 2015  .......... I am still getting used to the idea that 2015 is now "last year".
I cleaned out my Sewing Room and found various WIPs which I said I would finish.  How successful was I?
On the positive side I completed an almost finished quilt top which made a nice quilt that I gifted in June to baby Rebecca.
I used a lot of the strips and squares I cut from scraps .................... and have cut loads more to add to stash!
However, on the negative side my Project Packs have remained untouched, also most of the packs of blocks I found during my Big Sort Out. 
As a result I already have lots of old WIPs that must get finished in 2106. I hope.
However I have accomplished a lot this year:
  • Made 9 quilts, 8 of which have been gifted.  There is one Baby Boy quilt waiting to be given to the next baby boy that appears.
  • I made and gifted 17 different small projects, knitted as well as sewed items.
  • I made and gifted 2 lots of Charity Blocks.
  • Took part in 2 Group Quilt for members of my Patchwork Group.
So, all in all 2015 was a busy and successful time on the crafting front.
Here's to 2016!


  1. I look 'in horror' at my piles of projects I was sure I would finish last year too - how nice to have a fresh new year to start all over again! How sweet of your grand daughter to leave you that message!

    1. No sewing being done at present, travelled to NZ and now settling down for three months' stay. Hope to get back to the lingering projects after that.