Sunday, 27 December 2015

My collection has grown!

On Christmas Day I opened the parcel I had received from my blogger friend Jo in Australia.
If you follow Jo's blog you will be familiar with all the lovely things she makes as she quilts, knits and crochets -and many other things too, I imagine! Very prolific.

I was thrilled to find my parcel contained three new Christmas Tree decorations and one of Jo's signature dishcloths, in a very festive red:

As you can imagine I wasted no time in putting the new decorations on my tree and they look lovely.
Our family is coming to Sunday lunch today so I shall ask our granddaughter Annalise to find the new decorations.  She is eagle-eyed so no doubt will find them in seconds!
Thank you, Jo. You are very kind!
If you haven't seen Jo's blog, do take a look!


  1. So glad you have put them on your tree.
    Hope your grand daughter found them....
    I think my blog address has .au on the end

  2. Thank you! Yes, she found two immediately, the third one took a bit longer! 2 secs?

    1. I have altered the blog address. Sorry I made a mistake, we were having great problems getting into my blog. Stressful!