Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Baby gifts ready to go

Well, baby Etta has arrived!  Born on 10th January, another granddaughter for my husband's cousin and his wife.

I was sure Mum Helen was having a boy and had a quilt set aside that I made quite recently.  However, I knew I had a couple of baby girl quilts in my cupboard so I didn't make another.

Surprise, surprise, along came baby Etta and out of my cupboard came this quilt:

When it was made, way back in March 2012 (I checked my Flickr quilts photos to check the date!)
I called it Emerging Butterflies.  However, I decided to re-name it now it has an owner, and it's now called "Patches in Pink". 

I made a really scrappy backing for this quilt which I was very pleased with at the time and I still love it now:

I am adding a crocheted stripey blanket that I recently made so that's going in the parcel with the quilt.

Helen is a great crafter herself so she will enjoy this gift, I am sure, and will appreciate the love and care that went into the making.

Can't wait to see them all and perhaps have a cuddle with a new baby!


  1. Patches in pink is the perfect name for this pretty quilt, I like the way the crochet blanket matches too. Such a lovely gift to welcome a little baby girl.

  2. New babies are so precious! It's always good to have quilts ready

  3. They are very cute. I'm sure they will be used and shown off too

  4. Thank you for your kind comments. My daughter has just told me that Mum Helen isn't into too much pink so I hope there is enough blue to tone down the pinks!

  5. Very pretty... nothing nicer than receiving handmade prezzies, I'm sure she will love them both & use them a lot. Linda