Saturday, 31 January 2015

64 Cupcakes and 3 double-yolked eggs

My granddaughter's birthday party today - she will be 5 years old on Monday.  Where have the last five years gone?  Her Mummy's birthday is today and her Daddy's is on Monday too.

I offered to make the decorated cupcakes so I spent quite a while yesterday in the kitchen making several batches.  There will be 40 children coming to the party, so I needed at least 40 cupcakes.
As it's been quite a while since I made any I couldn't remember the quantity of mixture for 24 cakes, so the first batch only made 16.  Hence two more 24 sized batches and an odd total of 64 cupcakes!
No doubt the grownups will help to eat them up!

I really enjoyed having a mini production line going, decorating the cakes in batches as soon as they were cool enough.

I haven't seen a double-yolked egg for years and years but yesterday I saw three!!!!!
Second batch of cakes needed me to open a new box of 6 eggs. First one I cracked was a double-yolker, the second one I cracked was a double-yolker so I decided that I probably didn't need the three eggs I originally planned to use for this lot of mixture.

Third batch of mixture:  First 2 eggs used were normal, the third was another double-yolker!  I have one egg left from the box which has not yet been used.  Perhaps I should get everyone to bet on whether it is another double-yolked egg?

Anyway, I had a lovely crafty time decorating with pink or blue icing, 100s & 1000s, silver balls, jelly diamonds and mini sugar coated chocolate balls.  I am pleased with the result and hope The Birthday Family is when I take them to the hall later this morning.

Always pays to check your cupboard before you start baking.  I knew I had two partly used boxes of paper cake cases in the cupboard.  What I had forgotten was that one were fairy-cake size (which was what I wanted) and the other were muffin cases, far bigger than the other set of cases. 
Hey ho, what to do? I didn't have time to run to the shop as I had a hair appointment at midday.  So, I thought 'Just use them!" I put a similar amount of mixture into all the paper cases so they would hopefully bake evenly.  Then when the cakes were cool I carefully trimmed round the muffin cases, getting rid of the excess paper case. It worked well - I honestly don't think anyone would guess.  And I have cakes that look all the same size, important with small children, I think.  We certainly don't want any arguments over the cupcakes and any child thinking they got a smaller one than their neighbour! 

The question is, will my eagle eyed daughter spot what I have done?  That will be the real test!

Off to get ready for a busy day.


  1. Too bad if she does. I'm impressed with that baking lot... Have fun..

  2. That's a whole lot of baking right there

  3. Ohh I wonder if your daughter noticed. You certainly had a busy morning to get all that baking done in time for you to get to your hairdresser. I think its great you just used what you had. How funny about the double yolks, I wonder if you're allowed to make a wish if you get a double yolk. Happy birthday to your grandaughter and her parents. Having 3 birthdays so close together will make it an extra special celebration.

  4. They went down very well at the party, and my daughter didn't spot the cut down muffin cases. It is a family joke that she never misses anything, so that one got under the radar!