Thursday, 21 November 2013

More Freckles stats

Adding to my previous post, a few more Freckles stats:

  • To date I have made 6 Freckles Quilts, based on the lovely design in Emily Cier's book Scrap Republic.
  • 5 of them are I Spy quilt
  • 1 (the first I made) is exactly how Emily describes in her book, which I called
Rainbow Freckles Quilt:

This one is in Mauritius.

  • My I Spy Blue Freckles Quilt is the 2nd I Spy Freckles Quilt I have made this year.
Thank you, Emily for a great quilt design.  I love all the handwork involved: blanket stitching around the Freckles and hand quilting around them.  Nice to do at Patchwork meetings and whilst watching television.

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