Sunday, 10 February 2013

Do I have CSD? ( Compulsive Squares/Scraps Disorder)?

As is my habit, I was idly flicking through Flickr this morning and came upon this delightful quilt from wombatquilts

It's a fabulously bright Postage Stamp quilt made from 2" strips eventually creating 1.5" squares.  Well, of course I added it to my Favourites, looked at it intently, gazed at its largest sized picture using the "View all sizes" button, then used the facility on my iPad to enlarge sections so I could get an even better look!

This reminded me of a baby quilt I made some years ago using 2.5" squares, although mine were actually all squares and not strips, which I loved making as it appeals to my sense of using up scraps to make something new and pretty and functional. I called the quilt So many squares baby quilt and gifted it to baby Serena .  It was used as a cot quilt and then, when Serena graduated to a Big Girl's bed it was used as a bed quilt and looked really great!
This train of thought set me trawling through my Flickr photostream until I found the quilt and here it is:

I have obviously been smitten by the Small Squares bug ever since as I have drooled over Katy Jones' Scrap Vomit quilts which she based on an idea by Melanie which you can see if you follow this link:

Have a look at Katy's blog: and drool over the several Scrap Vomit quilts she has made.  All gorgeous and riots of colour.

I loved these quilts so much I have been gradually adding to my hoard of 2.5" squares by cutting a few from scraps left over from cutting fabric for other projects.  I have also added to them by taking part in 2 Swap bot swaps of Scrap Vomit squares.  It is a comfort to know there are lots of other people all over the world suffering from the same affliction!  Still not started sewing the quilt yet though!  Always too many other projects higher on the list.

Then a few years ago I saw another variation on the Small squares sewn together to make a quilt on Bonnie K Hunter's quiltville blog.
Another idea of making a Scrap Squares quilt but this time using strips which you turn into tubes and eventually make blocks of squares.  I stalked this idea for some time but didn't actually make that quilt either.  Then a few months ago up popped the idea again on Katy's blog and she started the Scrappy Strip Along craze that has been ( and still is!) raging on Flickr.  If you haven't got the bug yet, have a look at the Group's pictures on Flickr.  I have become so obsessed I have created 3 Scrappy Strip Along Galleries on my Flickr photostream and cut a load of 2.5" strips ready to start my quilt.

I have realised that I may have a problem...................... I can't resist small scraps of fabric, especially if they are magically turned into quilts made from hundreds of squares.  Perhaps I'm suffering from CSD?  Compulsive Squares/Scraps Disorder?!  Do let me know if you share the same problem - perhaps we could band together and form a Self-help group!

Happy sewing.....................  I'm off to gaze at my hoard of 2.5" squares!


  1. Nothing wrong with csd. I may have it too

  2. Relieved I'm not the only one!

  3. I most definitely suffer from that compulsion! That's how my scrappy trip got it's border AND backing...lonely 2.5" squares on my cutting table. :)