Sunday, 15 July 2012

Wonky Stars and being spatially challenged

For my current project, using a Gwen Marston idea of a Liberated Medallion Quilt, I decided I needed some small Wonky Stars for the border I am constructing at the moment.
I made a few several days ago and today jumped at the opportunity of having a little sewing time (the family were out!) to make the rest.
When I started quilting I realised that I was spatially challenged ....................   for instance I found Foundation Piecing an impossibility ............. and I really have to concentrate when making Gwen's Wonky Stars.

I obviously didn't concentrate when I made this block:

As you can see, I have muddled the lime Green Kona squares with the Savannah Bop fabrics so you can't really see the Star!  This block has joined my biscuit tin of scraps for future Crumb Quilt blocks!

When I made the last one I didn't want to cut anymore fabric strips, just wanted to use up what I had on my cutting mat.  MISTAKE!  I knew there wasn't an awful lot of contrast between the background squares and the star point fabric but thought it might work.

As you can see, it didn't.  So another consigned to the Crumb block tin!
THEN I ran out of time! Lovely little Granddaughter back from her bike ride with Daddy, so all my sewing had to be packed away until another opportunity presents itself.

In the meantime I have these Wonky Stars (including the one with no contrast).

This is part of a Quilt I am making for the Siblings Together Project.  I won a set of Savannah Bop Fat Quarters from Katie Jones, of imagingermonkey fame.
Very behind on this one as my sewing time has been severely restricted over the past month due to little granddaughter living here temporarily with her Mummy and Daddy.
So, Katie, if you are reading this post, appologies but I am doing my best!

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