Sunday, 20 June 2021

Sewing purple in June

 I haven’t done much sewing this month as we have had a nice spell of weather so I’ve enjoyed sitting in the garden reading lots of library books. 

But I have made some RSC blocks using this month’s colour purple.

Firstly I was tempted to make some little Flower Baskets which I had seen on Cathy’s blog Sane, Crazy, Crumby Quilting. Cathy used 2” squares so I worked out how to make them using a cream background fabric, a purple square for the basket and various coloured waste triangles for the flowers and the base of the basket. I’ll add more blocks as the colours change in the coming months and probably continue into next year.

Then I made some more Wonky Stars - I never tire of making these.

And 4 Ticky Tacky houses.

I turned the two Premature baby quilts into fished quilts, measuring 15” x 20”.

I’ve read some books I saw mentioned on various Quilting blogs: 

This is set in WWl and I have the sequel to read too. A good story giving an insight into how soldiers tried to cope with horrific life changing wounds.

And these three:

Sorry this photo is sideways! 

Peter James and Peter May are both authors I enjoy and both books have topical themes. 

Dead at First Sight by Peter James deals with Internet Dating fraud, the story moving along at a page turning pace with a satisfactory ending.

Lockdown by Peter May is very topical as it deals with a pandemic. Apparently it was written before Covid as the author had done a lot of research on Bird flu and decided to base his next book on that theme. However, he had difficulty publishing it as it was thought to be too far fetched! It is surprisingly close to what our world has and is still dealing with during our current Covid Crisis.

Anne Tyler is a new (to me) author. She has written lots of books and I picked this one, A Patchwork Planet, for obvious reasons! I enjoyed it, she has an interesting writing style and her storyline appealed to me. I shall read more of her books, our library has lots more titles.

Joining up with Angela’s So Scrappy blog for RSC 2021.


  1. Lots of lovely sewing in purple Linda! Just ordered two of these books at the library, thanks for the recommendations.

  2. You’ve gotten lots of cute sewing done in addition to all the reading, Linda. I may have to try that Anne Tyler book. In the past I’ve not liked either her style or her characters, but I’m always willing to give it another go!

  3. It’s good to see a little bit of sewing. What size are you ticky tacky houses.
    Some of the books look good.

  4. Super cute preemie quilts and SEW many fun PURPLE blocks, Linda!!

  5. You have three lovely blocks going on and purple is one of my two favourite colours, the other being aqua.It's always good to sit down with a good book isn't it!

  6. Cute little blocks and cute little quilts! Thanks for the book recommendations. I usually read what is free with Kindle unlimited and read in the middle of the night...sleep a a little...sleep a little...