Monday, 29 October 2018

Trio of small String Quilts

I used all those vibrant gifted 0.75" strings to make 20 x 4" String blocks.
I used many of them to make 3 small String Quilts.
One measuring 14" square which is intended for the lilac teddy which is going into my Christmas 2018 Shoebox Appeal.
The second one measures 14" x 18.5" which I'll give to our local hospital's Premature Baby Unit.
The third measuring 18.5" x 23" which will be gifted to 2 year old Libby when her expected baby brother/sister arrives towards the end of January.
And I still have a few left which I will probably include in Sunshine Quilt blocks.
Oh I do enjoy using scraps!


  1. Great forward planning.
    They look lovely

  2. Just catching up and scrolling back through blogs. I obviously missed these darling little quilts, they're so colourful!