Tuesday, 17 October 2017

64 x 1.5" pink squares = ?

64 squares sounds a lot, doesn't?  Not when you are talking about tiny 1.5" squares, especially when one block needs 49 of those 64!

So, Linking up with Angela's So Scrappy RSC blog to show you these 2 blocks:

And 2 more RSC blocks: a Blue 49 patch ( again 1.5" squares) and a Yellow 5" Strippy block:


  1. I haven't even looked at my scrap box of pinks yet. My commitment list is piling up so I have some busy sewing days ahead of me now.. Better get a move on. Love the variety in your squares.....

  2. I admire you for working with those tiny pieces. They look sparkly

  3. Lots of fun PINK prints in those blocks!!

  4. Congrats on the scrappy progress...I know what work they are!!!