Monday, 19 June 2017

Almost there, we're almost there!

"Almost there, we're almost there"-  the Andy Williams' song from way, way back has been floating round my head all morning.

Almost a month ago I started making a quilt requested by my step granddaughter for one of her friends.  I have worked away at this, in between some baby knitting for a friend's baby.

This morning I sewed on the binding and this afternoon I will hand sew the back of the binding at my last Monday afternoon Group Patchwork meeting before we break up for the summer - which is HERE at last. We are having a heatwave at present.

A couple of quick photos of the quilt:

I love the backing, a piece I had in my stash.  In fact all the fabrics were from my stash, nothing had to be bought specially.
I have thought of a name for the quilt, to be revealed in my next post when the quilt is finished.  Baby was born last Tuesday, a few days early, so I want to finish it fast.


  1. Nothing like a bit of pressure. You are not far off and I'm sure it is beautiful...

  2. So it was obviously a boy then???

  3. a tease only sharing a same piece of the quilt!!! I so enjoy the final stage of hand sewing the binding. A cooler morning today so will venture into town