Monday, 17 April 2017

Playing with Scraps

Over the Easter weekend I managed to find some time to sew, making up the Spool blocks I had put together in sets a few days ago. That made another 19 Spools to add to my previous ones.

Then I decided to look through my bags of strings and sorted out ones which were narrower than the 1.5" widths I needed for Spool blocks or strings which weren't a uniform width.
These I sorted into colours and made more single colour 5" String blocks.
This time I made some neutral ones too:

I really enjoyed making all of these scrap blocks and now I'm off to cut out more strips to make some 9 Patches using 1.5" strips.
Finding sewing is good therapy for the cold I woke up with this morning!
We have had such cold weather this last week after a very warm weekend the one before Easter so I think the huge change in temperature is the reason why I've got a cold.  I had intended to do some gardening today but I'm afraid that's not going to happen.


  1. Your string pieced blocks look great and I hope you recover quickly from your cold.

  2. spool blocks and strings looking good. Yes it i cold here too hopefully the weather will improve during the week or I will be going nowhere!

  3. Staying warm and sewing sounds like a much better idea. Nice work as usual. Take care