Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Using up scrap strings

When I ran out of small calico squares for my Twinkler blocks I made some string blocks.  I didn't have many strings in my stash but I sorted them into colours and just used a 5" paper foundation for them.

This what I made:

and then these mistakes!

Not sure how it happened, but when I came to trim the blocks I discovered the papers hadn't been cut at 5", more like 4.75".  Also I was running out of lengths to make the strings so started piecing strips.
I used one of those pieced yellow strips for the centre of the block and it doesn't work, the definition of the centre is lost.  However, we learn from mistakes so I won't do that again. The pieced strings look OK in the other parts of the square.
So, I have put these 5 blocks aside to be used as Orphan Blocks in the future.
And that's the end of my strips that can be used this way. Just a few scraps left which can be incorporated in Crumb blocks.
I will take the string blocks home with me to the UK and then I can make loads more to add to them so eventually I will have enough for a quilt.  I'll probably take the Twinkler blocks back too as I don't think I will be able to make enough here to make a quilt.


  1. just popped in as Jo (see previous comment) has just shared your blog with me, there does not seem to be a button to follow you on or am I not looking properly

  2. I like little string blocks - they are so cute

  3. I thought I was the only one that cut things short! Sounds like you still have a good working plan, though! Good for you.

  4. Love the string blocks that work and also those that don't - I'm sure you can use them for something else - what about the centre of a star block? Thanks for linking up with #scraptastictuesday