Tuesday, 23 August 2016

7th quilt finished!

Yesterday I finished my 7th quilt of 2016.  It's a Baby Quilt which I have called Strawberry Patch.

In the next three months I know of three babies on the way - one is due any day now.
So, I have been busy making baby quilts - four in the pipeline, one of which is Strawberry Patch.

Here it is:

The finished quilt measures 42" square and consists of alternate 4" Crumb blocks and 4" fabric squares.
I hand quilted in the ditch.
I love striped bindings and just had enough of this bright pink and white fabric to bind my quilt.  I literally had a 3" piece of binding left!
The backing fabric was a piece I bought at last year's Festival of Quilts. I love owls and couldn't resist this one. However, when I came to use it for the backing I discovered it was unusually narrow, nowhere near the normal WOF and once the selvedges were cut off  it was not wide enough to back my quilt.  So, I decided to put a pieced strip off centre down the length of the quilt.
I used some 10" squares of vintage sheet fabric I had bought many years ago at a Table Top sale at my NZ Group.  I have been steadily using these squares in my projects this year but still haven't finished them all.
And a couple of Close-ups to show some of the variety of fabrics I used up in this quilt.

I am pleased with it, it's really bright and cheerful. Stimulating for a baby I think and lots of opportunities to play "I Spy". 

So, if Fiona's baby is a girl, this is for her.


  1. It's a great quilt. Fun fabrics and I agree, lots to look at....

  2. I agree it's perfect for a baby with it's bright, happy fabrics. You're doing well to have finished 7 quilts this year!!

  3. Beautiful! Too bad about the backing bring too narrow, however the pieced back is fabulous. I too love owls.