Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Seeing a Quilt Show - a bonus

We recently had a great weekend in London - a re-run of one we had to cancel when our daughter was ill and we had to man the fort.

We had visits to two exhibitions planned: The Emily Carr collection at The Dulwich Art Gallery and The Rembrandt Exhibition at The National Gallery.

On the Saturday morning we headed off to Dulwich, a surprisingly easy and pleasant tube and overground train journey.  The Exhibition of Emily Carr's work was amazing.  I knew nothing of this Canadian painter who died in 1945.  She had trekked over many areas of Canada and painted some wonderful pictures of the abandoned villages left behind by the Haida First Nation tribes when they were decimated by smallpox in the 1860s.  Such a clear record of the houses and totem poles.  Emily Carr's pictures of trees and forests are magnificent. She was obsessed by trees and would take her little painting stool off into the middle of a forest and paint what was around her.  Very striking and dramatic works.

On our way to find an Italian Restaurant that had been recommended to us, my husband spotted a flier for a Quilt Show, tied to some railings!

It was the Dulwich Quilters' Show which takes place every two years and was held in the Old Library of  Dulwich College.

Lots of quilts - the ladies are prolific -, nicely staged, lovely homemade cakes and tea or coffee on sale and some very interesting and chatty quilters who were happy to talk about their work. 

A few photos for you to enjoy too:

Beautiful Hand quilting on both of these quilts:

One commemorating the Centenary of the First World War:

I also enjoyed the quilting quotations dotted around the exhibition:

It was an excellent end to a great visit to Dulwich - our first time there but we hope to see other art exhibitions in the future, and perhaps the Dulwich Quilters' next show?



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  1. I just googled Emily Carr's paintings, I'd never heard of her so thank you for introducing her. She has a wonderful style, almost a hint of VanGogh, and such interesting landscapes. I bet the Rembrandts were amazing. And how wonderful to come across a surprise quilt show!!! What a bonus!! Quilts are always wonderful to see!!