Wednesday, 17 September 2014

My Giveaway Win

About a month ago I was amazed to learn from Rita of Red Pepper Quilts that I had won one of her Giveaways!.  I nearly always enter the Giveaways Rita hosts as they are always fabulous - either bundles of very desirable fabrics or vouchers. I was fortunate enough to win a $50 US voucher from Poppyseeds Fabrics.

I then spent a happy time trawling through lists of fabrics and trying to maximize the amount of fabric I could buy for $50.  I was paying for the postage from the USA to the UK so wanted to buy fabric that would completely fill the mail envelope.  It took a few emails back and forth because several times other customers had chosen the fabrics I had requested and I had to choose again.  However I spent my money, adding just a little bit extra of my own and then waited for the parcel to arrive.  It came really quickly - mailed last Friday and received yesterday, Tuesday.

And here it is:

And these are the fabrics I chose:

Several Pearl Bracelets and also a selection of Amy Butler fabrics. Aren't they gorgeous?
I have admired Pearl Bracelets for so long on so many Flickr and Pintrest photos but never owned any until yesterday.  I am a fan of Amy Butler designs and have bought and used several of her designs, including the Full Moon Polka Dots one in Caramel which I chose for my bundle.  It's quite an unusual colour but works well with the variety of pink fabrics I have paired it with in the past.
I made a baby quilt I called Emerging Butterflies.
Here the caramel fabric makes a striking border:

I made a pieced backing for this quilt and used a large piece of the Caramel Polka Dots down the centre and also for the binding.  I love a spotty binding - a tip I picked up several years ago reading Rita's blog!

The backing and binding:

I am delighted to have another yard of this useful and pretty fabric in my stash.
So, thank you Rita and Kimberley for this great Giveaway.  I will enjoy adding the fabrics to my stash and using them all in the months to come.


  1. Well, lucky you! I love Rita's blog. Happy stitching

    1. Yes, really thrilled. The fabrics make a wonderful addition to my stash. I have been reading Rita's blog for years and never miss a post!

  2. Congratulations on winning such a great prize, and I love the fabrics your chose. Lots of dots and circles. I'm a fan of those caramel dots too, they look wonderful as a border on your quilt.