Friday, 8 August 2014

Shop till you drop

Yesterday saw the first day of the Festival of Quilts 2014 at the NEC, Birmingham.

For 9 years I worked at this Quilt Show as a Quilt Angel but for the last 3 years following my health problems I just visit!

Yesterday I went with my big sister and we had a great day together.  Pat doesn't quilt but she has been a sewer and knitter (she used to make my clothes from when I was a little girl up until I finished college) and she even did upholstery.  However, Pat does enjoy looking at quilts and is always interested in the quilts and bags I produce - some of them have been for her grandchildren. We mostly concentrated on the Competition Quilts, all beautifully displayed and all of a very high standard.  We had fun trying to decide which was our favourite - an impossible task! We had a little look at the stalls and I bought 3 well-priced fabrics.

Today I went on my own with a shopping list in mind.  I mostly make baby and children's quilts so I am always on the look-out for cheaper fabrics to use as backing and binding and also good deals on batting.  Some of my Quilting friends had bought bundles if white Egyptian cotton at previous shows which are ideal as sashing for baby quilts.  Found one of those at an excellent price. Also topped up my supply of machine thread and bought 2 more Perle cottons, a turquoise and a pink as they are colours I use a lot.

Then I went mad on fabrics:  some yardage and lots of FQs at cheap prices. And a Jelly Rolly - the first one I have ever bought.  Got a great deal on batting too so I am now well and truly stocked up.

Here's a photo of my haul:

I will put it all away tomorrow but for this evening I am going to sit down and have a rest.  I have been using a Fitbit for the past few weeks and today I clocked 31/2 miles, walking to and from the train to the Show and walking around the Show.  Good exercise as well as good shopping!


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely time at the Festival with your sister, and came back with some lovely fabrics, and got some exercise into the bargain - a great day! Must have been great to work there too.
    I haven't yet visited although one year I would love to. Being a member of the Quilters Guild I would also love to go to see the quilts at the museum in York.
    Still, I manage to get to lots of things in my area and in London so I'm not complaining!
    Glad you had a good day!
    Gill xx

    1. Thank you! Yes I thoroughly enjoyed the. Fof Q and would recommend you go next year. I have never been to York Museum of Quilts either although it is on my list, and each year my local Patchwork Group intends to go but somehow, mysteriously, another year slips by without a visit. Perhaps that should be our joint New Year's Resolution?

  2. Linda, my Mum went to the UK recently, and went to the York Quilt museum - she loved it, I have a postcard. Takes a tourist!
    I love the story of how your sister made all your clothes. That is such a special memory. She must be an amazing seamstress!

    1. Yes, Pat was always sewing and knitting ( she even used to sit up in bed knitting!) but now doesn't do much. She gardens like crazy though!

  3. It sounds like a wonderful day with your sister. I laughed when you said you went mad on fabrics, too funny!! It's a good time to shop and stock up on fabrics, and it all gets used eventually. I'll have to remember that fabric shopping is good exercise :)

    1. Yes, we had a lovely day together. I haven't bought so many fabrics for ages but I have already cut into some of them. I haven't sewed much all summer ( enjoyed the beautiful weather we had) but now need to get going , finishing a PE bag for my granddaughter and need to make 3 baby quilts for babies expected between November and early January.