Monday, 19 May 2014

Donation quilts handed over

I love making small quilts, especially if scraps are involved. I enjoy making Premature baby quilts to donate to my local hospital which is dear to my heart.

I have been a presenter with Hospital Radio there for 17 years, over 11of those years  as Duty Producer.  I recently stood down from this role as I have had health problems for almost 3 years now but I will continue to produce and present some programmes.

As a retired Primary teacher, children and babies are of the utmost importance to me, so I love making quilts for the Premature babies.  Since the latter part of 2013 I have been making some Premature baby quilts, completing two more this year.  Our hospital prefers a size of 20" x 15" so now that I have completed six and I had a hospital appointment there too this afternoon, I decided to take them into the Unit today.

This is the 6th quilt I finished a few days ago:

This quilt was made from bright scraps left over from a bundle of fat eigths which had been given to me as a gift.
All six quilts are bright and made mostly from scraps.  Two feature Crumb squares turned into HSTs paired with a lime Kona solid  and two more have a rabbit novelty fabric and small HSTs made into small blocks and made into rows.
Each quilt has a variety of binding fabrics: some have the same binding for the whole quilt, some have a scrap binding effect using leftover bits of binding from my stash.
Backings are a mixture too: 
The 2 Crumb/lime HST quilts have a recycled sheet for the backing.
One has a recycled blue gingham shirt which came from one of my husband's shirts as the collar was  worn.
The other two backings were suitably sized pieces from my stash.
All of the quilts are hand quilted, some with Perle cottons, some with regular quilting thread.
Here they are:

The two on the Top Row were made this year, the Bottom Row were completed in 2013.

My next photo shows the backings:

The nurses were delighted with the quilts and I was thrilled to hand them over.  I hope they bring joy and happiness to some families.


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  1. It must be a bit strange to step down from presenting at the Hospital radio after 17 years. It's lovely you can pop back to visit with armfuls of wonderful quilts. Your quilts will bring great comfort to their recipients.