Thursday, 20 February 2014

Spiderweb Cushion

At the end of last year I made a Spiderweb cushion for one of my quilting friend's special birthday ( one of those ending in 0 ). 

As a Group we had made Lynne a Spiderweb quilt, using the colours she loves and uses a lot in her house, Cream and Autumn shades.  It was a pattern I had wanted to do for a long time and was thrilled when another member of our Group suggested this as an idea for Lynne's quilt.  I worked out how much cream on cream fabric we would need for the centres of the blocks and there was enough for the binding too.  Then the whole Group brought strips of fabric in the Autumn colours we had chosen:  yellow, gold, orange, tan, brown, red, lime and various greens.  We had a real variety of fabrics, some old, some quite new but together they looked fabulous.  We chose a meeting when we knew Lynne was away and all picked lots of strips from the piles, making sure we had some in every colour.

As the Spiderweb block was an unknown one to many of the Group I made some sample blocks using white Kona cotton for the bases and pastels and brights for the strips.  I had fun making them up to various stages of production so I could demonstrate the method to the rest of the ladies. 
In the UK we have a great children's TV programme called "Blue Peter" where presenters show the viewers how to make various art and craft items.  They always have a completed one to show the children what they are aiming for and always say: "This is one I made earlier". I felt rather like I was a presenter on Blue Peter and indeed, did have "one I had made earlier" as well as several blocks in various stages of completion.  I must have demonstrated it OK as everyone managed to complete their blocks ( without too much hassle I hope!).

As a Group we finished the Quilt and it was handed round to each member to do some of the hand quilting in cream Perle cotton, put on the binding, hand stitch it down and finally embellish with little red buttons in the spiderweb centres.  We all agreed that the red buttons "made" the quilt!

Unfortunately I was in New Zealand by the time it was Lynne's birthday on 11th February so couldn't see her face when she opened her gift.  However I have had several email reports from other Group members who said she was "stunned" and a lovely "Thank you" email from Lynne.

I left the cushion I had made to be gifted to Lynne when the quilt was given and I know she liked it from her email.

I was really pleased as this is the first time I have put a zip in a cushion and it turned out well.
The zip is at the bottom  of the cushion.
When I am back in the UK I will continue to make the Spiderweb cushion I began as a demonstration.  Should make a pretty quilt.

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