Friday, 25 October 2013

Preemie Quilt top from Scraps

Lots of sewing this week but only one photo.  I guess you are all tired of my endless sewing of scrap triangles! 
All week I have been churning out 3" blocks from my paired triangle scraps.
When I tired of making pinwheels I arranged the HSTs differently to create a sort of  diamond effect.  I expect there is a name for this sort of block but I don't know it.
As a change from churning out little blocks I decided to use some of the diamonds to create a small 15" x 20" quilt top.  I sewed 5 diamond blocks together into each row.  What doesn't show up in the photo is that two blocks in each of these rows are the same, a red on cream patterned "neutral" with a wine coloured fabric. Pretty.  I interspersed these row with a rabbit fabric and added a narrow pink border to bring it up to the size my local hospital prefers for their baby cots.  The babies lie on the quilts and the quilts are washed in a washing machine on the ward every day so they get a hammering!
So next job is to sandwich and quilt.  a nice easy project with a quilt of this size!
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  1. Oh, that is so gorgeous, such lovely colours. I am sure that will make the traumatised parent of some tiny, sick baby feel better to see what love and care has gone into the quilt. What a lovely thing to do! Have you made these quilts before? Do they stay in the hospital, or do the parents take them home?

  2. Yes, I have made several for the hospital over the past few years. It's the same hospital where I am a broadcaster for Hospital Radio. The quilts are kept on the wards and literally are washed every day so that the conditions are as clean as possible. Another Patchwork friend who is a nurse on the Children's Ward has seen them in action and she says it makes the cots look bright and cheerful and "homely".